Thursday, September 9, 2010

A quiet night at Casa Latimer.

The day  is about over. It's 10pm. Out on the deck I can hear thunder. Its been rolling out all day long. There's a steady wind so the surf is churning up a little. I love sitting outside an listening to the sounds of beach at Buena Vista and the Sea of Cortez. 
Inside, I fire up the lap top, no tv for me. Decided I'd like to hear some music so, off I went to YouTube and looked up The Refreshments. God, they rock. So now, I'm hoppin'and a rockin' all over the house. Life is so good here. Take a moment to join me watching and listening to this great music. 


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sirius-ly Jammin'

Sirius-ly Jammin’

This is a postscript to the Baja Journey that Gary Field and I have blogged about previously (mostly Gary, by the way…see below). An important part of our trip involved our lifelong love affair with great music and our graphic memories of our years in, and very much a part of, the music business…. during our respective careers in the radio business and as concert promoters in Eugene, Oregon, at a time when a ton of creative talent found its way to our doorsteps and on our airwaves at KZEL-FM.
After years of living in Los Cabos, Mexico, I have found that one of the keys to happiness involves being close to the music I love (and Teena, the woman I love… shares this passion). Old or new, whether it is The Boss (our first Gold Record Album was awarded to KZEL in 1975 for helping to “break” a new artist by the name of Bruce Springsteen, due to our great program director, Stan Garrett, and his widely respected reputation as having one of the finest ears for talent in the radio business), or David Allen Coe, or Lady Antebellum, or Jack Johnson, or Joe Jackson, or the Grateful Dead (a Eugene favorite), or Bonnie Raitt, or Mozart, or Norah Jones, or Mark Knopfler, or Government Mule, or Beethoven, or the Dixie Chicks (well, you get the idea of my musical tastes….and did I mention John Hyatt and James Talley?), you will find them all on satellite radio (well, except maybe Nashville’s James Talley, who deserves to be heard as much as anyone…check his website). And having our music with us every minute was one of the gifts of the journey.
Music, News, MSNBC, PBS, Sports (and yes, even the usual bunch of right wing noise)….it is ALL on the radio everywhere in this hemisphere. And that, dear friends, is what I’m talkin’ about. It was lovely, being in the company of our music “friends” on the road and in our music pod… the car.
Most of our 5000 mile drive became an adventure in awesome guitar riffs, enervating rhythms and scintillating keyboards while participating in long cuts on Sirius 17 (the “Jam On” channel), and I would encourage all who understand, to check it out on your next road trip to anywhere.
Now that the satellite is part of Mexico as well, access to the rich flavors of music also makes living in this wonderful country truly more delightful and fun. And most certainly, I feel closer and more committed to, Rock world that was (and is) so much a part of me.
After 26 times, part of me knows I will drive the Baja again! There is nothing quite like it on the planet. Thanks, Gary! jw

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Truth About Cabo!

This article came across my desk today from the excellent people at Del Mar Development and I believe it ought to be shared with all. Jay West

Setting the Record Straight on Cabo: Despite Upheaval in Parts of Mexico, Los Cabos Remains a Safe Travel Destination for Americans

And, yes, you can drink the water.
LOS CABOS, Mexico, Sept. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Despite recent headlines to the contrary, many regions of Mexico continue to be safe and popular destinations for American tourists, while providing all the creature comforts of home.
The latest results of a two-year-long study of Mexico's 31 States ranks Los Cabos (San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas in the State of Baja California Sur) as second in Public Safety, Tourist Services and Transportation Infrastructure nationwide. Baja California Sur also ranks first in Natural Resources and Environmental Protection nationwide with an overall Satisfaction Index score of 97 percent.
According to Ron Hatfield, President of Los Cabos based Del Mar Developments, "Avoiding vacationing in areas of Mexico like Los Cabos because of the crime in Tijuana or Mexico City is like avoiding Seattle because of problems in Los Angeles. Los Cabos remains one of the world's most coveted destinations, untouched by the violent crimes happening in areas of mainland Mexico."
Hatfield, a local resident and a fixture in the Los Cabos community for over 15 years, is joining forces with Jacobo Turquie Alcerreca, Secretary of Tourism for the State of Baja California Sur, to spread the word that Los Cabos is a safe and ideal location for vacationers and home buyers.
"The municipality of Los Cabos, a thousand miles from the U.S. border, boasts a unique geographic location at the tip of the long, narrow Baja California peninsula," notes Alcerreca. "Separated from mainland Mexico by the Sea of Cortes (christened the "World's Aquarium" by Jacques Cousteau), the twin cities of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo and the surrounding countryside are an island-like sanctuary, unaffected by any crime or violence occurring elsewhere in Mexico."
In fact, residential communities like Hatfield's Villas Del Mar and Espiritu Del Mar offer amenities that exceed expectations at every turn. Residents and rental guests experience the beauty and flavor of Cabo, including access to some of the world's best golf, sports fishing, diving and surfing, plus two private member's-only clubs. Del Mar Development homes showcase the finest construction in Mexico and boast fiber-optic phone and internet technology. Even in the current economic climate, sales within Del Mar home sales continue to grow, with over $34 million in real estate sold in the first few months of 2010.
For more information on Del Mar Development or to arrange an interview with Ron Hatfield or Jacobo Turquie Alcerreca, please contact Lauren Banyar Reich at Janine Gordon Associates (212-871-3020, x115) or
About Del Mar Development
Since 1995, the founders of Del Mar Development have been successfully building residential communities that set the standard for luxury real estate in Mexico. Within the gates of Villas Del Mar, Oasis Palmilla and Espiritu Del Mar lies a collection of beachfront and ocean- view resort homes built by master craftsmen. Residents and rental guests enjoy the finest services and amenities in the world. Worry-free ownership and superlative property management are provided by a full-time staff of nearly 200 who take care of everything from maintaining local vehicle insurance to pre-stocking groceries and housekeeping services. Overlooking the Sea of Cortez, the Del Mar Development properties are an established community offering an escape from the ordinary and a place to make lasting memories with family and friends. For more information, please visit
SOURCE Del Mar Development