Saturday, October 4, 2014

Hurricane Odile has come and gone!

    Before your very eyes....thanks to a massive and well coordinated commitment by the Mexican government and our incredible people...stores open, gas available, electricity and phone lines mostly working.

    Cabo's Hotels, Bars and Resorts Reopening After Odile

    Date Published:
    We are receiving lots of inquiries about the current state of individual hotels, bars, resorts and services in general with many people anxious to know if Los Cabos will be back in business for upcoming vacations. We can't possibly answer these requests on behalf of each business but here we can report on those that we do have information on. With international news agencies typically eager to focus on the negative impact of Odile, we feel it is only fair to redress the balance and show that Cabo is re-opening for business - much quicker than expected in many cases.

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